Please read the following information carefully and meet the deadlines such
as interventions.

1. Official meetings
As you already know, the Conference will be hosted by the Government of
South Africa and will take place at the International Convention Centre
(ICC) & Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC).  Please read the Notification
carefully in terms of registration dates and hours.

The access to the plenary hall for the Opening of the COP/CMP and Opening
of the High Level Segment (HLS) is already planned to be limited to a given
number as advised by the Security and as has been the case in the past.
The proceedings of these events will be shown on CCTV throughout the
conference venue.  As usual, we will introduce a ticket system.  We still
do not have a plenary seating plan, and current hope is to have 70-100 NGO
seats for the Opening of the COP/CMP and 30-50 for the HLS Opening.  Once
the plenary plan is finalized, we will send you more concrete information.

We thank you for your cooperation for the greater benefit for all

2. Side Events and Exhibits
Side Events rooms and the Exhibit area are located at the DEC.

The schedule of Side Events and the list of Exhibits can be viewed on our
website at the following links:

Side Events



Further information on logistical arrangements will be posted on our
website as soon as it becomes available to us.

The conference premises are wifi-covered.

3. Conference brochures and Daily Programme
Following the previous practice and in line with the secretariat’s efforts
towards climate neutrality, the Side Event and Exhibit brochure as well as
the Information for Participants brochure will only be available in
electronic format. We encourage participants to support this initiative by
printing only the required information.

The secretariat will implement some changes to the Daily Programme for the
on-going efforts to reduce carbon footprint of the conferences.  A separate
information note will be issued to all observer organizations.  The major
change is the announcement of side activities such as side events and
outside events.

4. Climate Change Studio
As in last years,  the “Climate Change Studio” will provide an opportunity
for observers to be interviewed briefly by a professional journalist on
actions, solutions, observations and issues that have impact on climate
change.  All interviews are filmed, edited and broadcast on Climate Change
TV.  Interviews will be catalogued in a
fully searchable database alongside other interviews with world leaders,
expert observers, decision makers and activists in the international
climate change debate.
The Climate Change Studio will be located at the DEC.  Interview requests
can be received via email at climatechangestudio@unfccc.int

. Priority will
be given to those who were not allocated a Side Event slot.

5. Offices
It is planned that the host country provides the constituencies with
equipped office space at the DEC.  Please refer to the floor plan section
of the conference brochure for the exact office location when it is ready.
The conference brochure will be available on our website approximately one
week prior to the opening of the conference.

The key to your office can be picked-up from Senta at the Conference
Affairs Services office as of Monday, 28 November, 9 a.m..

6. Press briefings
Booking requests should be directed to press@unfccc.int

7. Meeting room assignment (MRA)
All MRA requests from observer organizations will be coordinated by the MRA
Team at the Information Counter.  Bookings will be confirmed in the evening
before your meeting on condition that you agree to vacate the assigned
rooms any time if the negotiation so requires.  For important meetings that
you cannot vacate a meeting room for, please seek secure outside venues on
a commercial basis.

The schedules of the negotiation meetings are not yet finalized therefore
the MRA Team is not yet able to start booking observer requests. Please
consult our website at the following link for further information for the
booking form and the email address to send requests to:

BINGO and ENGO constituencies will have dedicated meeting rooms located at
the DEC.  Members of CAN, CJN!, and the BINGO constituency are expected to
use these resources.  All meeting room requests from these constituencies
will be directed to you.

We will publish the following contacts for this purpose – please let us
know if you wish to designate it to someone else:
ENGO:  Montana
BINGO: Andrea

Rooms for observer meetings will also be located in DEC.  In order for us
to secure the rooms for the other constituency meetings first, we
tentatively programmed the meetings for an hour as below:

Farmers*: 9 a.m.
LGMA: 9 a.m.
IPO: 9 a.m.
RINGO: 9 a.m.
TUNGO: 9 a.m.
Women and Gender*: 9 a.m.
YOUNGO*: 9 a.m.

* provisional constituency status pending final decision before COP 17/CMP

Please confirm with Edith by Wednesday, 9 November 2011 if you are planning
to have a daily coordination meeting and the above timing is agreeable to

If we do not hear back from you the booking will be cancelled and the MRA
team will start booking other requests by observers.

8. Provisional Agenda
The provisional agenda, annotations and the scenario note on COP 17/CMP 7
are now available on the website at the following link:

9. Executive Secretary’s briefing to observer organizations
We are checking with Christiana’s office.  We will inform you once the
details are confirmed.  Questions in advance will no longer be required but
if you have something specific to discuss we will certainly pass it on.

It will be for LGMA’s turn to chair this meeting.  Yunus has kindly agreed
to Chair this briefing.

10. Interventions (no guarantee)

AWG-KP Interventions will be possible at the opening plenary meeting on
Tuesday, 29 November at the end of agenda item 3 (especially issues of
numbers/amendments, LULUCF, Mechanisms, Basket of methodological issues,
and potential consequences.). The possibility for interventions at the
closing plenary is to be confirmed in-session, depending on the progress
of work and the time foreseen for meetings.

SBI There will be the opportunity for interventions on specific agenda
items at the opening plenary on Monday, 28 November and at the closing
plenary on Saturday, 3 December. The interventions should take the form
of a general statement and will take place at the end of the opening and
closing plenaries.

SBSTA There will be the opportunity for interventions on specific agenda
items at the opening plenary on Monday, 28 November and at the closing
plenary on Saturday, 3 December. The interventions should take the form
of a general statement and will be distributed evenly between plenaries
( i.e. 4-5 at the end of the opening plenary and the remaining ones at
the end of the closing plenary.).

AWG-LCA, COP, CMP We are checking with the focal points regarding the
possibility of interventions.

Please read carefully and meet the following deadlines regarding

The wish to take the floor by constituency should be sent to us by
Thursday, 24 November. Any requests beyond this deadline will risk no
allocation of a slot at all.  This is important for the Chairs’ team for
their plenary time management;

The speaker’s name and organization should be sent to us at the latest
by noon the day before the intervention is due to take place.  For
example, if you are taking the floor at the resumption of a session on
Tuesday, this means NOON MONDAY.  Speaker names provided to us should be
nominated to attend under an NGO and not UN or Party;

Please provide the speaker’s mobile telephone number and email address
so we are able to contact them directly if necessary;

Transcripts of the intervention: based on the proposals and discussions
during the SBI 34 on AIM, we would like to discontinue unless Chairs
specifically request.  We will let you know if they do.  If transcripts
are available beforehand, this would be helpful for interpretation

Interventions will be 2 minutes in duration and microphones will be cut
off after this time;

Speakers should make themselves known to us 10 minutes before the start
of the plenary so we are able to arrange the seating and alert the
microphone technician.

Please also note that interventions are time permitting and depend on
Parties’ demand for the floor as well as Chairs’ decision. The secretariat
cannot guarantee that they will take place.

11. Observer briefing by the COP/CMP President and the Chairs
As usual, briefings with the COP President and Chairs are being explored.
Dates and times will be announced on CCTV.

12. Constituency Focal Points meeting
We will have a Constituency Focal Points meeting on Friday, 2 December from
11:00 am – 13:00 pm (tentative).   We welcome your suggestions for agenda
Tentative agenda items:
Selection of GCF members from observers

13. Registration

Upon arrival, you are requested to register at the Registration area
located in the ICC.

Registration opening hours are from Sunday, 27 November until Friday, 9
December 2011 from 8.00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Conference badges for Week 1 and two whole weeks can be collected at the
above location during the mentioned  times. Conference badges for Week 2
can be collected only from mid week. Further details on this will be
sent to all observer organizations.

The acknowledgement of participant’s nominations form and a valid photo
ID will be required at the registration desk.

Access to the conference premises will only be granted to participants
in possession of a conference badge.  We would appreciate it if you
could pass on this information to your colleagues as widely as possible.
Please also ensure your badge is worn visibly at all times.

Please note that everyone who needs to access the conference venue has
to be registered through the online registration system.   As you know,
the system allows the replacement of names before participants are
confirmed.  The confirmation deadline is 25 November 2011, midnight CET.

No access to the premises until the official starting day

The venue is closed to participants before the official starting day of the
sessions.  Exceptions to this are for those organizing exhibit stands. The
timing is communicated through SEORS to respective exhibit organizers.

15. High Level Segment (HLS)
The time for statements by non-governmental organizations during the HLS is
envisaged. Timing will be communicated at a later stage.  Statements are by
constituency.  We are planning for two slots for ENGO – one for CAN and the
other for CJN!.  We will inform you if this changes.  As in the past, the
speaking time will be two (2) minutes (1 minute each for CAN and CJN!).
Written statements are not required in advance but if available it would be
helpful for interpretation.  Your statement in electronic version is
requested by the end of the plenary so that it can be posted on the meeting
web page.  We will need the name of the speaker and their organization no
later than Thursday, 1 December so that we can include in the speaking
notes and minute by minute.

16.Exchange of local mobile phones, and identification of focal points
We would appreciate if you could share your local mobile phone numbers once
you have made this arrangement. Our numbers are indicated in the Side
Events and Exhibit brochure. If you delegate certain issues to your
colleagues, please announce them and let us know their numbers as well.

17. Constituency Focal Points’ information
Please review the below list of constituency focal points, which will be
published in the Side Events and Exhibits Brochure. If your contact details
have changed or you cannot attend please let us know the name and contact
details of the person who will represent you as a focal point.

Ms. Andrea Bacher
Tel.: +33 1 49 53 28 48
E-mail: andrea.bacher@iccwbo.org

Mr. David Turnbull
Tel.: +1 202 609 9846
E-mail: dturnbull@climatenetwork.org

Ms. Anette Engelund Friis
Tel.: +45 3083 1051
E-mail: aef@lf.dk

Mr. Yunus Arikan
Tel.: +49 228 976 299 20
E-mail: climate.center@iclei.org

Mr. Max Ooft
Tel.: +597 520130
E-mail: ooftmax@sr.net or ooftmax@hotmail.com

Mr. Benjamin Powless
Tel.: +1 613 614 4219
E-mail: powless@gmail.com

Ms. Monica Alessi
Tel.: + 32 2 2293926
Mob: +32 472 72 1868
E-mail: ringos@ceps.eu; monica.alessi@ceps.eu

Ms. Anabella Rosemberg
Tel.: +33 1 55373737
E-mail: rosemberg@tuac.org

Women and Gender
Ms. Gotelind Alber
Tel: +49 30 21982175
E-mail: g.alber@gendercc.net

Mr. Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana
Tel.:+237 96 32 49 98
E-mail: jeanpaul@youthclimate.org

Ms. Lauren Nutter
Tel: +51 971376822
E-mail: lauren@youthclimate.org

The Observer Organizations Liaison team will be on-site in its entirety and
is looking forward to working with you.  We are happy to inform you that
Nathalie will be supporting us at the conference as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Observer Organizations Liaison Officer
Conference Affairs Services

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Martin-Luther-King-Str. 8 , 53175 Bonn, Germany
Tel.: +49 228 815 1523 Fax: +49 228 815 1999
Mobile: +49 173 2777 813
mendo@unfccc.int     http://unfccc.int


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