RED Alert: Jurisdictional and Nested REDD Goes GLobal, IETA side event

Durban Side Event Thursday: Jurisdictional and Nested REDD Goes Global

8 December: 10:15 – 11:30, Standard Bank Auditorium (IETA Pavilion), hosted by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Around the world, REDD nations and states are building REDD readiness capacity and also jurisdiction-wide REDD accounting frameworks to credit on-the-ground activities with jurisdictional-level policies and programs. Voluntary markets are actively supporting these efforts. In 2012, the Verified Carbon Standard aims to launch the first operational platform for accounting and crediting jurisdiction-wide, nested REDD activities. This work could serve as a key reference point for multiple sub-national or national REDD accounting frameworks, which have advantages for setting reference levels, addressing leakage, ensuring reductions ‘add up’ at state, provincial and national levels, and for channeling private sector investment.

This panel features key states and nations providing input to VCS on this work . Panelists will discuss the design of integrated REDD frameworks and how they can be used to meet the needs of states, nations, multi-lateral institutions and private-sector investors and projects.

· Andrea García-Guerrero, Colombia Ministry of Environment

· Mariano Colini Cenamo, IDESAM (Amazon Institute of Conservation, Sustainable Development)

· Bruno Guay, National REDD Coordination of the DRC, UNDP/UN-REDD

· Ludovino Lopes, Ludovino Lopes Lawyers, speaking on behalf of Acre state government, Brazil

· Robert O’Sullivan, Climate Focus

· Moderated by Naomi Swickard, VCS AFOLU Manager

See the VCSA Agenda for more information.

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