Sign up NOW Toxic Tour South Durban tomorrow 1 pm

Tuesday December 6

Special Toxic Tour of South Durban &
Rights of Nature action!
Join Residents of South Durban and International Allies
The residents of south Durban stand with activists worldwide in
calling for a new way to protect neighborhoods and ecosystems!
We seek legislation to be enacted by the City of Durban to secure
and protect rights for communities and nature.
Please join us!
Bus leaves at 1 PM from the C17/Howard School
Reserve your seat now.

Speakers include:
Desmond D’Sa SDCEA coordinator
Tom Goldtooth (IEN, USA)
Natalia Greene (Funacion Pachamama Ecuador)
Cormac Cullinan (South Africa)
Randy Hayes (World Futures Council, USA)
Shannon Biggs (Global Exchange, USA)
Robin Milam (Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature)
For more information contact

Who should decide if ENGEN expands the refinery in South Durban – the corporation
or the community?
With the world’s attention on the COP 17, now is the time to demand rights for the people of
Durban and the ecosystem on which we depend. It is time to stand up for our right to define
the kind of place in which we want to live and to say that “No corporation has the right to
engage in activities that impact our health safety and welfare, or to destroy the ecosystem!”
We the residents of Durban seek legislation to be enacted by the City of Durban to secure
and protect these rights. We stand with Ecuador and Bolivia, and over 140 US communities
who have already recognized rights for Mother Earth!

To SIGN UP NOW: Please sign on to Alice email : or call on
031—4659038 / cell 0845643891 or SDCEA email: or call 031-4611991
Bongani email : or 031-4611991 cell 0839251440__._,_.___

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