The COP17 negotiations, led by corporate controlled governments, are failing to address the climate crisis. Carbon emissions have been increasing over the past 20 years and temperatures are rising. The year 2010 recorded the highest levels of emissions ever! Africa is burning! The reality and truth about the negotiations are:

· Green neoliberalism is firmly on the agenda. Carbon is being reduced to a derivative, an asset for speculation. Carbon trading, the Clean Development Mechanism, joint implementation, ‘carbon capture’ and REDDS are all false solutions. These market solutions reflect the influence of corporations ensuring governments do not sacrifice economic growth and corporate profits. South Africa is a good example with its commitment to nuclear power and building more coal fired power stations like Medupi and Khusile;
· The rich nations are not committed to radically cutting emissions and a legally binding climate change framework. They have already indicated that they do not want any agreement to come into effect until 2020. This will certainly push the world, and more specifically Africa, into eco-cide;
· African governments trapped in the illusion of adaptation and mitigation finance and technology transfers are now realising that these are not forthcoming.

There are alternatives amongst movements and progressive governments. However, to draw attention to these alternatives and the farce of COP17 we need to consider the following questions for mass mobilisation in Durban:
· Should we call on African governments, ALBA governments (like Bolivia and Venezuela) and small island states to occupy the negotiations on the inside, to boycott them and join us on the streets instead etc? Should these governments walk out of the COP17 negotiations given that they have nothing lose?
· What creative occupation actions can we take on the streets – human chain around the ICC, block important roads, night time vigils, block the hotels of climate criminal negotiators?
· How can these actions contribute to rolling peoples power, beyond the Global day of Action, for climate justice and eco-socialist alternatives?

Join the DLF at our Climate Justice Tent at UKZN every evening from 18:30 to debate these questions and collectively come up with exciting and mass based tactics that we can advance on the streets! OCCUPY DURBAN! OCCUPY THE ICC! OCCUPY THE STREETS!


Climate Justice Related Events at COP17

1st December –
· DLF Ecosocialist Workshop, 10h00-18h00, Howard College Campus, Shepstone 1
· Reclaiming Waste, Reclaiming Livelihoods, 10h00-12h00, Shepstone 10
· Indigenous Beliefs – What role can traditional beliefs in Africa and other climate affected areas play in responding to climate change – a call to people of faith to act now for climate justice, 16h00-17h00, Diakonia Centre, 20 Diakonia Avenue
· Water Services and Climate Change Seminar: Towards resilience and justice, Sh3
· Workshop for Farmers and Fishers, Venue TBC, 10h00-16h00
· Zero Waste for Zero Warming: Wastepickers at the frontline of climate change, People’s Space Venue TBC

2nd December –
· DLF Climate Justice Hearings, Large Tent at UKZN
· Anti-coal struggles in Germany and South Africa, Civil Society Space venue TBC, 13h00-16h00
· Climate change – the earth bears witness: Who should stand trial? Diakonia Centre, 20 Diakonia Avenue, 10h30-12h30
· Climate Impact from the Cement Industry, 13h00-15h00, Venue TBC
· Renewable Energy Policies: climate resilience, poverty reduction and sustainable development, UNFCCC side event venue, Room 2, 16h45

3rd December –
· Global Day of Action – international and national community, labour, women, youth, academic, religious and environmental organisations and activists unite at Curries Fountain for 9h00 rally. March from 10h00 to International Convention Centre (ICC) to hand over memorandum to world leaders. Ends with concert on the beach at 15h00.

4th December –
· Climate Jobs Conference, 9h30-15h30, Shepstone 1
· Financing for climate justice: Stories from the South, 14h00-17h00, Howard College Campus, SH4

5th December –
· DLF participating in Via Campesina Peasants Day
· Energy efficiency: reducing energy consumption through worker engagement, 11h00-13h00 Workers World Pavilion, Memorial Tower Building, L2
· Energy+: Sustainable and Renewable Energy For All, 14h30-16h00, Workers World Pavilion, Memorial Tower Building, L2
· Community-based climate change adaptation: case studies and reflections on action research methodologies, 14h00-17h00, Sh4

Climate Justice Films will run from 28 Nov-8 Dec in People’s Space, Room F167, Greenpeace Solar Cinema at the Bay Lawns, North Beach, and Bat Centre, 45 Maritime Place


China Ngubane – 072 651 9790
Brian Ashley – 082 085 0788

Andrew Bennie – 072 278 4315

Mazibuko K. Jara – 083 651 0271

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