water justice and climate change: Thurs 1 Dec

Environmental Monitoring Group and Umphilo waManzi invite you to a lively discussion followed by a water reality tour on:

Water services and climate change – towards resilience and justice

Where: Shepstone 3, C17 People’s Space, UKZN

When: Thursday 1 Dec, 10am to 1pm (discussion); afternoon (water reality tour)

Contact person: Taryn Pereira, taryn, 082 293 6380

The discussion will be led by people active in the sector at both grassroots and policy levels. Experiences of what communities have done to secure their water rights in South Africa’s urban and rural areas will be explored in the light of the additional challenges that climate change brings.

This is an opportunity to hear about water management devices in Cape Town, efforts to secure water for food-production in KZN, community and municipality responses to drought in the southern Cape, and more. It is also an opportunity to contribute to the growing discourse and activism on water and climate change.

EMG’s newly published book Water and climate change: an exploration for the concerned and curious, ed. Jessica Wilson, will be available for just R50.

Refreshments will be available.

After the seminar, Umphilo waManzi and Environmental Monitoring Group invite you on a

Water Reality Tour

Water is the main way that poor and vulnerable people are experiencing the dramatic impacts of climate change. Our water reality tour will take participants to two communities in eThekwini, Mzinyathi and Ntuzuma.

Although not originally recognising it as “climate change” as such, people in these areas have recognised and begun to grapple with the challenges posed by climate change on their water supply. Tour participants will join people from the community to discuss their experiences while viewing water hotspots such as river beds that flood under extreme weather conditions, wetlands that are being abused by officials, and poor river health. We will discuss possible adaptation steps for these hotspots, as well as viewing and exploring the role of alternative technologies such as Urine Diversion toilets and rainwater harvesting tanks, to save water and direct it to home gardens. What are communities doing to adapt and what assistance do they require? What do they think of all this COP stuff?

Places on the tour are limited, please contact Taryn Pereira if you would like to come: taryn, 082 293 6380

Don’t forget to look out for EMG’s fabulous new book:

Water and climate change: an exploration for the concerned and curious, edited by Jessica Wilson

“All this talk of floods and droughts and climate change leaves many of us worried and confused. Will there be enough water? Who will get it? How can we help? This book answers these and other questions. Based on their work in South Africa, but drawing also on international experience, the contributors present a frank picture of what is happening in the water sector and what we need to do differently if we are to respond adequately to the challenges that climate change brings. Presented in three parts – a practical guide, a photo-essay and a series of written essays – the book invites readers to open their eyes and hearts, and to take steps to protect our life-giving water, so that the rights of all, humans and nature, can be realized.”

Available for R50 from EMG and at various places during COP17.

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