Ecosocialism Conference, 1 December


Conference on Ecosocialism

When: 1 December, 10h00-18h00

Venue: Shepstone 1, People’s Space, HowardCollege Campus

The world currently sits on the brink of catastrophic climate change. However, the governments of the world, and specifically the governments from rich countries, are failing to deal with this fact and make the necessary reductions in their carbon emissions. Negotiations have been occurring for 17 years to discuss making these emissions cuts, but there has been no progress. 2010 recorded the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions on record. Governments and their corporate representatives refuse to make commitments that they see as a threat to economic growth and corporate profits.

What the climate change negotiations are making clear is that capitalism is proving incapable of resolving this crisis. This is because this crisis is in fact caused by capitalism and its logic of never ending accumulation and economic growth. However, this fact is still not widely recognised in the mainstream of societies. At the same time, the climate crisis is entwined with a more general social crisis across societies, characterised by poverty, inequality, violence and the destruction of community. These trends are not random or capable of being solved in isolation – the climate and social crises are symptoms of a system that separates people from each other and from the ecological bases of life, and replaces caring and mutuality with the naked pursuit of profit.

But it is clear that if we are to have any hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change and to solve our social problems, discussing alternatives to a destructive system driven by a logic that is unconnected to ecological limits is crucial. We need to collectively imagine and construct what an alternative system that respects the earth and provides for all human needs would look like. We can call such an alternative society ecosocialist – where production is democratically controlled and oriented towards meeting human needs rather than profit.

The objectives of this Ecosocialist Conference are therefore to:

  • Understand the link between the climate crisis and capitalism
  • Situate South Africa within this
  • Explore and understand the concept of ecosocialism
  • Learn from existing experiences and ecosocialism
  • Explore and think about ecosocialism and alternatives like food sovereignty, climate jobs, solidarity economy etc

Key ecosocialist thinkers from around the world will be participating, including Joel Kovel, Quincy Saul, Roger Rashi, Jacklyn Cock, and the former Bolivian ambassador to the UN and chief negotiator at the UNFCCC, Pablo Salon.

All Welcome!

For more information on this exciting day, please contact:

Andrew Bennie: +27 72 278 4315, bennieand

Vishwas Satgar: +27 82 775 3420, copac

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