MEDIA ADVISORY: EDS – Tar Sands and Extreme Extractions Conference, ahead of COP17


Conference on Tar Sands and Extreme Extractions

At University of KwaZulu Natal, Howard College Campus, MTB L1

November 25-26th, 2011

The effects of Climate Change can be felt by communities around the world, especially in Africa, where mega-corporations are looting natural resources. Community activists will be gathering to share narratives about unconventional fuel extractions and their impacts on climate and communities at the fifth annual Everyone’s Downstream (EDS) Conference to take place at the University of KwaZulu Natal’s Howard College Campus, this weekend, ahead of COP17 negotiations.

The programme commences on Friday 25th November at 14h00 and will reconvene on Saturday at 9am (see programme attached).

Speakers from South Africa, Madagascar, Canada, Israel, Uganda, Nigeria and Congo Brazzaville will discuss issues around false and realistic solutions to climate change and how their communities are resisting unconventional fossil fuel developments.

Lia Tarachansky, an independent journalist in Tel Aviv in Israel says in regard to proposed Oil Shale extraction, “while the world runs out of fossil fuels and market players focus more on unconventional oil, the new golden rush for oil shale is a putting communities and the world to bear the brunt of experimental technology, the impacts of which are yet unknown”.

The conference will explore the connections between rapidly increasing Climate Change and global race to get economically and environmentally expensive forms of fossil fuels. These include Tar Sands, Coal to fuel, Oil Shale extraction and how this leads to violations of human rights.

“Tar Sands in Canada have become a model instigating a race for previously undeveloped and highly expensive sources of fossil fuels that are the exact opposite of what we need to be pursuing by governments at COP17,” said Macdonald Stainsby, Oil Sands truth coordinator.

“These forms of extraction have had disastrous impacts on indigenous communities in Canada and threaten to do the same around the world, specifically in Africa”, said Ben Powless, Climate Campaigner at the Indigenous Environmental Network.

For more information contact Oliver Meth on 073 950 6598 or Macdonald Stainsby on 082 088 4041 –email olivermeth or mjestainsby


EDITOR NOTES: EDS 2011 is a community-led exploration of Tar Sands and other extreme extractions around the world focusing on Africa and other discussions around false and realistic solutions to climate change and violation of human rights.



EDS2011 – programme.docx

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