eARTh A Contemporary, Fine Art & Craft Exhibition

eARTh A Contemporary, Fine Art & Craft Exhibition

Climate change as we all know it, is used to refer specifically to climate change caused by human activity as opposed to changes caused as part of the earth’s natural processes.
eARTh is about creating a new image out of decay, the notion of introducing a fresher and newer perspective in combating climate change.

eARTh is derived from the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Event Details:
25 November 2011
18H00 for 18H30
Gallery 415
415 Umgeni Road
VANSA is a voluntary national networking
association supporting the visual arts community. It seeks to contribute to the
development of the visual arts through promoting networking, research, advocacy
and access to information, advice and opportunities. Its membership consists of
individuals, visual arts practitioners, curators and administrators as well as
organisations, companies, institutions and service providers that participate
in, or serve the visual arts sector.

VANSA is governed by a constitution and registered as a non-profit organisation
with the Department of Social Welfare.


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