iStart2 Launch 27 Nov 2011

i (starts with me) START – (Sustainability Thru Art) 2 ( two, too, to…)
• Changing the “reality” of how we view the world to a better more sustainable “reality”, in the practical application of how we manage water, waste and energy.

• Using music and art, to speak to the hearts, heads and hands of people

• Collaborating and actively sharing solutions among businesses, governments and communities in creating a sustainable world.

• Contributing to charities who focus on people with disabilities

• Building bridges between South Africa, the Netherlands (the first two countries to come on board) and other countries across the world

• Uniting the diverse people of the world to take hands and build a better tomorrow today.

• Getting 10 million people in every country that commit to iStart2 do one thing different, and doing it.

Imagine a New Future Together…

By embracing and supporting the untapped latent artistic and cultural talent of Communities all over the World to inspire sustainability and develop responsible citizenship


More Info: and

Watch This:


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