COP17 Youth Caravan making its way through Africa, heading to Durban

Youth caravan in Tanzania


The youth caravan has reached the second country on its journey to South Africa, Tanzania. At the concert in Dar es Salaam the youth was given the support of the Vice President of Tanzania.

On Tuesday the caravan embarked on its longest drive so far to get to the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. On the way the caravan passed Mount Kilimanjaro, and the participants were lucky to see the famous mountain from the roadside. The snow cap on Kilimanjaro is melting due to climate change and this is causing flooding in rivers in the surrounding area.


David Winaina, representing the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) on the caravan, is concerned about these developments.

“When the rivers overflow it affects the livelihoods of people living there. We should act now to stop climate change”, he says.

Concert in Dar es Salaam

In Dar es Salaam, the caravan participated in its second concert so far, with both local artists and artists on the caravan performing. The Honourable guest was the Vice President of Tanzania, Mohamed Gharib Bilal. He signed the petition and gave a speech on the effects of climate change in Kenya. “Climate change is something that we all face, and as a nation climate change is a big challenge to us, ” Mohamed Gharib Bilal said.

The Vice president urged the participants on the caravan to send a clear message to the COP17 negotiations. “You must be persistent and determent to ensure prosperity for human life at this planet,” he told the youth. In the following, participants representing the 17 countries present in the caravan group all gave greetings to the Vice President.


Important platform from African youth

On Thursday the caravan will leave Dar es Salaam, heading for Malawi. There the participants will keep on collecting petitions for the ‘We Have Faith – Act Now for Climate Justice’ campaign. David Wainaina believes the campaign is providing a platform for African youth to speak with one voice. ”This campaign gives a platform for us as youth to say that climate change is really effecting us. And this time, at COP17, we are saying it as one.”


See webpage for regular updates on the caravans activities and follow us on Twitter @havefaithactnow


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